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7 Inch LED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

FOURE E's 7 Inch Magnetic Hotplate stirrers provides excellent stirring performance for large quantities up to 20 liters (H2O) and high temperature accuracy. It comes with a ceramic coated stainless-steel hotplate which is durable, chemical resistant, easy to clean and allows for optimum heat transfer. The enclosed heating plate design reduces risks of liquid splashing into the equipment, and the compact design makes it an ideal benchtop instrument for labs. Optimized PID program control enables temperature and speed control with high accuracy.

Fully enclosed alloy casing provides high temperature resistance, excellent heat dissipation and chemical resistance. The large, LED display enables easy speed and temperature setting and monitoring and also has a hot surface warning when the hot plate temperature is above 50°C. An external temperature probe PT1000 is available for applications that require precise temperature control.


Typical Applications:

● Widely used in medical, biological engineering, chemistry, bio-pharmaceuticals, food and other research fields. It is a necessary instrument for stirring and mixing various reagents, solutions and chemical substances in biological laboratory


● LED digital displays the target and actual speed and temperature

● Independent digital wheels adjust the speed and temperature

● Temperature is up to 510°C and the safety temperature is 50-550°C

● PID controller provides rapid heating and ensures long-time continuous operation

● Stainless steel with ceramic coated heating plate can be resistant to high temperature, impact, and thermal shock

● Fully enclosed alloy casing provides high temperature resistance, excellent heat dissipation and its baking finish enhances the chemical resistance.

● Powerful stirring performance supports large stirring quantities up to 20L (H2O) and ensures a stable running of 5L (H2O) with the Φ8.5*50mm stirring bar at the max. speed of 1500rpm

● Double over-temperature protection by the hardware and software provides high safety and reliability

● Hot surface warning at 50°C to prevent burns

● Digital process timer allows for unsupervised operation and can be set from 0 to 99h59m

● The external temperature sensor PT1000 enables precise control accuracy of ±1°C

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Stirring positions


Set-up plate dimensions [mm]

185 x 185

Set-up plate material

Stainless steel with ceramic coated

Motor type

Brushless DC motor

Max. stirring quantity (H₂O) [L]


Max. stirring bar [L x Φ, mm]

80 x Φ9.5

Motor rating input [W]


Motor rating output [W]


Speed range[rpm]


Speed display


Heating output [W]


Heating temperature range [°C]

Room temp.-510

Temperature display


Temperature display accuracy [°C]


Safety temperature [°C]


External temperature sensor


Control accuracy with external temperature sensor PT1000[°C]


Control accuracy with internal
temperature sensor PT1000[°C]

±1(<100°C), 1%(≥100°C)

Hot surface warning


Time display


Time range


Dimensions [W x D x H, mm]

220 x 350 x 100

Protection class according
to DIN EN60529


Permissible ambient temperature [°C]

5 - 40

Permissible relative humidity


Voltage [VAC]


Frequency [Hz]


Power [W]


Serving Laboratory market worldwide.

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