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Liquid Handling

Liquid Handling is the core process in any Life Science Laboratory, while pipettes, or pipettors are the essential device for liquid handling. Four E’s Scientific offers great prices on high quality of liquid handling equipment including pipettes, both manual and electronic, as well as dispensers, pipette controllers, pipette pumps and a variety of tips, to provide optimal support for laboratories and researchers worldwide.

Pipetting inaccuracy will lead to poor experimental result and thus wastes of time, sample and reagents. Our pipettes are made and calibrated to strict standards to meet the requirements of high accuracy and precision. Also, to fit a wide range of experimental demands, we offer pipettes of different volume capacities, either micropipettes ranged from 1 to 1000µL, or macropipettes up to 100mL. Find pipetting devices of high value and quality at affordable prices at Four E's Scientific.

Serving Laboratory market worldwide.

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