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Rotary Evaporator

The RV131 Rotary Evaporator stands out in many advantages. It comes with a large LED display and touch keys, along with an adjustable knob that helps you easily set and monitor parameters. The double-layer vertical condenser with 1500cm² cooling surface provides efficient vapor collection and sample recovery. The PID controller ensures precise temperature control.


The Rotary Evaporator, also known as rotovap, is a laboratory equipment for liquid distillation and purification. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology industries and R&D labs to separate and concentrate samples. It usually works with  Diaphragm Vacuum Pump and  Recirculating Chiller  as a whole system to meet the production and experimental requirements.







● Large LED display to easily set and monitor process parameters

● The touch keys and adjustable knob let you easily set the rotation speed, heating temperature, operation time, and cycle times (clockwise and/or counterclockwise cycles).

● The device also comes with a mistouch prevention lock to avoid changes through accidental touch

● The adjustment knob can be turned fast or slow to change parameters rapidly or accurately.

● The 5L water-oil heating bath with heating temperature range of up to 180℃ (oil)

● The device comes with a Brushless DC motor with rotation speeds ranging from 20 to 320 rpm

● Comes with PID temperature controller, overheat protection, dry-burning protection, and automatic power-off functions

● Double-layer vertical condenser with 1500cm² cooling surface for efficient vapor collection and sample recovery

● High elastic graphite filled PTFE seal and compression spring bring excellent sealing as well as high-temperature, corrosion, and abrasion resistances.

● Manual lift for precise positioning of the glassware; the lifting height ranges up to 180mm and the tilt angle range is 0-360° (evaporation flask can be positioned on the left or right side)

● Ejection mechanism ensures easy removal of evaporating flask

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Input Voltage, Frequency

AC 100V-240V,50/60Hz

Motor Type

Brushless DC Motor

Max. Input Power of - Main Unit [W]


Heating Power [W]


Temperature Range [℃]

Room temp.+5℃~90℃(Water),

Room temp.+5℃~180℃(Oil)

Control Accuracy [℃]

Water±1.5℃, Oil ±3℃

Rotation Speed[rpm]

20 – 320 RPM

Speed Control/Increment[rpm]

Stepless speed Control. Increment: 1RPM

Clockwise and Anti-clockwise


Rotation Time Interval

5-999 s

Time Setting Range

1-999 min

Tilt Angle of Evaporation flask


Lifting method


Stroke Displacement [mm]


Vacuum Degree

Max. 4mbar(3mmHg)

Heating Bath Capacity




[DIN_EN60529] Protection Class


Overload Protection


Over-temperature Protection

When the temperature of PT1000 temperature sensor is   5℃ more than the set temperature, the heating automatically shuts off

Permissible Ambient Temperature


Permissible Relative Humility



Main Unit: 400*320*540mm

Heating Bath: 300*300*205mm

Weight (without glassware) [kg]

Main Unit: 8.6KG; Heating Bath: 3KG


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