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Recirculating Chiller

Recirculating Chiller CH800 provides an economic and environmentally friendly cooling solution for many laboratory applications. With precise temperature control, the device achieves excellent temperature stability and is suitable for a wide range of applications including cooling of  rotary evaporators, reactor blocks, vapor barriers, or heat exchangers. 
The chiller, also known as recirculating chiller, is a cooling device that provides a continuous supply of water at a constant temperature and pressure. It cools water through the cooling system, delivers cool water to the equipment required via pump to remove heat and flows back to the bath.


● Fast cooling: requires only 30 minutes to cool down from room temperature (25°C) to -20°C

● Wide temperature range: from -20°C to room temperature (ambient water temperature)

● Compact design suitable for laboratory benches and fume hoods

● Precise temperature control and advanced proportional cooling provides excellent temperature stability

● Stainless steel water bath with easily visible water level indicator

● Convenient liquid filling and draining, and overflow port protection for the tank

● 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen for easy setting and monitoring

● Over-current protection for the cooling system to avoid compressor overload

● Overheating protection for the bath, with audio alarm

● Automatic recovery function after power outage; recovers previous operation parameters

● Uses environmental-friendly refrigerant

● Comes with RS485 communication interface


Chillers are used in laboratories and medical/research institutions for a variety of applications including:

● Analytical instrumentation: viscometer, Soxhlet extractor, electrophoresis

● Equipment cooling: distillation system, concentrator, extractor, condensing reflux unit, etc.

● MRI machines, CT scanners, Radiation Therapy Machines

● Blood Cooling Systems, Biograph Systems

● Linear Accelerator, lasers, ultrasonic crusher, continuous flow analyzer, etc.

Working temperature range-20°C RT
Cooling capacity@20°C750W
Time to cool from RT (25°C) down to -20℃≤30min
Pump Flow Max.22 L/min
Pump pressure Max.1 bar
Bath volume5 L (max storage 5.3L)
Temperature stability DIN 12876±0.3 K
Temperature Display Accuracy±0.3°C
Power supply220V/110V; 50Hz/60Hz
WattageMax 750W
Dimension(WxDxH)235×468×535 mm


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