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Large Volume Nucleic Acid Extraction MultiEX 024L

MultiEX 024L provides automated nucleic acid extraction and purification using magnetic bead-based separation, with the capacity to process 1-24 samples in a single run. The MultiEX 024L is ideal for the extraction of cfDNA, with a maximum processing volume of 8mL. It is suitable for research facilities, diagnostic laboratories, and biotechnology industry.
  • MultiEX 024L


Large Volume Sample Processing Enables Diverse Applications

  • Processes large initial sample volumes (up to 8mL) for automated nucleic acid extraction with final elution volumes as low as 50 µL

  • Ideal for applications requiring larger initial sample volumes, particularly cfDNA (cell-free DNA) extractions from bodily fluids and pathogenic DNA extraction from water sources including wastewater

  • Also well-suited for extraction protocols requiring larger sample volumes exceeding the conventional 1ml threshold for various reagent kits

Unique Mixing Technology & Open System Design

  • Powerful oscillation mixing technology that combines vortex mixing up to 3000 RPM within each well, and linear back-and-forth mixing of the entire plate for thorough mixing

  • The mixing speed of the magnetic rod (RPM), the waiting times of the rod at both the liquid surface and at the liquid bottom, and many other parameters can be easily adjusted according to the specifications of the reagent kit with our open system design

  • The magnetic flux of the magnetic rods is rated up to 5500 Gs, and each rod can be disassembled for hassle-free maintenance

Effective Cross-Contamination Prevention

  • Built-in UV disinfection lamp eliminates cross-contamination and automatically powers off after disinfection

  • Built-in filtration system provides contamination-free ventilation

Convenient Program and System Management

Multi-functional operating system with streamlined functions to edit program parameters for custom protocols, upgrade the system via USB, and import/export programs via USB

Fast Heating, High Efficiency

Wide heating temperature range from 37℃ to 125℃; heats up from RT to 100℃ in just 1 minute


MultiEX 024L


1-24 Samples

Processing Volume

50 µl – 8 ml

Processing Time

20 – 40min/run (depending on reagent and volumes)


Supports up to 24 Reagent Strips or 6 Plates


Reagent Strips (Single Sample) / Strip Plates (4 Samples) and Magnetic Rod Sleeves

Reagent Type

Magnetic bead-based reagent kits (open system)

Heating Temperature Range

RT to 125℃

Temperature Accuracy


Mixing Method

Rotational Mixing (Rod Sleeves) + Linear Shaking (Plate)

Mixing Speed (Rod Sleeves)


Magnetic Beads Recovery Rate


Inter-well Purification Variance


Contamination Control

UV light sterilization, Built-in HEPA filters

Program Management

Create, Edit, and Delete options available

Data Storage Capacity

>500 programs


10-inch color touch screen

Extension Ports

2 USB ports

Power Supply

100-240V AC, 50/60Hz


<55 dB


32 kg

Dimension (W*D*H)


Serving Laboratory market worldwide.

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