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10-Position Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer (MS310)

13L Water Bath

20L LED Overhead Stirrer


24 Liter Water Bath

2L Water Bath

3D Rocker

3D Rocker manufacturer

3D Shaker

3D Shaker manufacturer

3mL Transfer Pipette

40L LED Overhead Stirrer

5 Inch LED Digital Magnetic Stirrer

5 Inch LED Digital Magnetic Stirrer with Ceramic Coated Plate

5 Inch LED Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

5 Inch Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

5 Inch Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer with Plastic Casing

5 Inch Magnetic Stirrer with Glass Top And LED Display

5L Water Bath

6 well cell culture plate

7 Inch LED Digital Magnetic Hotplate Stirrer

8-strip PCR Tube

96 Deep-well Plate

96 well PCR plate

amber glass vial

Automated nucleic acid extraction

automated nucleic acid extraction machine

Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction System

automated nucleic acid extraction system price

automatic bottle top dispenser

automatic nucleic acid extraction system

Bead Mill Homogenizer

benchtop homogenizer

benchtop refrigerated centrifuge

borosilicate glass bottles

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Bottle-top Dispenser

breathable cell culture flask

brushless DC motor

Bulk Filter Tips

Cell Culture Dish

Cell Culture Dish manufacturer

Cell Culture Flask

Cell Culture Flask manufacturer

Cell culture incubator

Cell Culture Plate

Cell Culture Plate manufacturer

Centrifuge Tube

centrifuge tube price

cheap magnetic stirrer

cheap vortex mixer

Chiller for Rotary Evaporator

Clinical Centrifuge

Clinical Centrifuge manufacturer

CO₂ Incubator

CO₂ Incubator for laboratory use

CO₂ Incubator for microbiology

Crimp Top Vial

custom Clinical Centrifuge factory

deep well plate

Digital 3D Rocker

Digital 3D Rocker manufacturer

digital dry bath incubator

Digital Overhead Stirrer

Digital Overhead Stirrer manufacturer

digital vortex mixer

digital water bath

disposable centrifuge tubes

disposable sms lab coats

DNA Extraction Kit

dry bath incubator

Dry Bath Incubator (for 2 Blocks)

Dry Bath Incubator (for 4 Blocks)

Dry Bath Incubator (for Single Block)

dry bath incubator price

Electronic Pipette

electronic pipette controller

Electronic Pipette Filler

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Electronic Pipette manufacturer

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Filter Tips

gradient annealing temperature PCR

Gradient PCR

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