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Tips for Pipette Maintenance

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Tips for Pipette Maintenance

The pipette is a commonly used scientific instrument in biological and chemical laboratories. It’s essential to know how to use it correctly. Equally important, pipettes need regular maintenance to ensure reliable results and longer service life.

Typically, preventative maintenance can eliminate 97% errors. Here are some tips on how to maintain your pipettes in the laboratory.


1. When the pipettes are not in use, set the volume to the maximum scale. 

  • This is to relax the spring so as to protect it and prolong the service life of the pipette.

2. Clean Your Pipettes

  • When cleaning your pipettes, always use recommended cleaning solutions like 95% ethyl alcohol or 65% isopropanol.

  • Wipe the external pipette with distilled water rather than submerge it into water, and then leave it to air-dry.  

3. Perform Visual Inspection

  • Plunger should be free of breakage

  • The Voltmeter display should be clear and properly aligned

  • Tip ejector should be free of contaminant to ensure precise result.

4. Calibrate the Pipette

  • Check the pipette for leaks. Suspend the pipette vertically for seconds after pipetting to observe if there’s any drawdown with the liquid level. If so, check if the pipette tip matches, or if the spring is working correctly.

  • Regularly calibrate and adjust the pipette under the guideline of the manufacturer.

5. Make Specific Maintenance Procedures for Different Workflows

  • How frequently maintenance is needed depends on your specific application and pipette use frequency. Make a specific maintenance procedure that works for your lab and make it a part of the lab user's routine.

  • Whatever workflow you work on with the pipette, It's better to have all the steps included for maintenance. Cleaning the pipette reduces the risk of contamination. Visual inspection and calibration can guarantee your accurate and reliable results during the liquid handing process.

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