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Bead Mill Homogenizer

The Bead Mill Homogenizer is a high throughput tissue homogenizing device capable of operating up to 24 tubes of 2mL. It completely lyses, grinds and homogenizes a broad variety of biological samples. The device subjects the samples placed in tubes containing micro-beads to a high speed, 3D motion, and as a result of the collision between the samples and the beads the samples are homogenized. After homogenization, samples can be centrifuged, and the supernatant collected for further processing. Cycle setting option is available where the unit can be programmed to operate in cycles with a rest period in between, especially to protect fragile, heat sensitive samples.
  • BMH024


● High-Throughput: Can homogenize up to 24 tubes (2mL) simultaneously 

● Rapid acceleration and deceleration for quick grinding: from rest to maximum speed in less  than 4 seconds 

● Ergonomic tube locking system for faster loading and removal of the tubes 

● Cycle setting option to operate in cycles with a rest period in between, to protect fragile, heat  sensitive samples. 

● Up to 50 programs can be stored in memory for future use

● Comes with an intuitive touchscreen interface for easy parameters settings including speed, run time, rest time, number  of cycles

● The ergonomically positioned 5-inch touch screen comes with an intuitive user interface 

● Brushless motor provides low-noise and maintenance free operation 

● Can be used with a variety of grinding beads, such as zirconia, glass beads, ceramic beads,   steel etc.

Sample Cdpacity24x2.0 ml
Motion Mode3D Motion
Speed range3.2 to 7 m/s (2000 to 4300 rpm), increment 0.05m/s
Power supplyAC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Working time1s--90s, increment 1s
Interval time1s--120s, increment 1s
Noise<70 db
Grinding BeadsZirconium, Glass, Ceramic, Steel
Interface5-inchTouch screen
Stored programs50
Acceleration time<4s
Deceleration time<4s
Dimensions(Lx WxH)390x290x350mm
Standard Capacity24×2.0ml (Standard Rotor)
Optional Accessories12×5.0mL rotor


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